Facilitator Kit

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CORE films and participant guide help create an environment where men can experience breakthrough in some of the most important areas of their lives.

Our prayer is that this 10-session small group experience is the beginning of a journey that transforms the men who participate into a vibrant community. 

Facilitator Kit Includes-

Blu-ray Disc w/ 10 films- 10 thought provoking, stunning films focused on real people, facing real life challenges. These CORE films help create an environment where men can get real and connect around some of the most important areas of their lives. 

A Participant Guide-This all-in-one guide is the hub of engagement for your participants. It's designed to maximize interaction, connection and meaningful discussion. It is straightforward, simple and strategically designed to help create maximum impact for the men in their groups. Each session directly correlates to 1 of the 10 films and contains questions for group discussion, Guidelines, Personal reflection questions along with journaling and scripture reflection prompts. 

Premium Soft Cover Moleskine®️ Notebook - Journaling and scripture reflection helps you engage not only your mind, but also your heart and soul in worshipful reflection. 

CORE Stickers, Bookmark & Pen - These items help promote your CORE group and serve to remind the men of the transformation and brotherhood that formed throughout the session.


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